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All About


Born in the West Indies, educated in the U.S. and currently living in Europe, I have been given many unique opportunities throughout the years and I didn't let them pass me by. I have served in the military, traveled extensively, earned four educational degrees and am currently working towards my next one. I love books, animals and stormy weather. You can find me most evenings (that is when I am not reading a book), debating philosophy with my husband and playing with my two cats —or is it the other way around? Either way, it makes for a fun evening.

The Site

What started out as a simple project; to organize a stack of research papers in an attempt to tidy my office has turned into a major endeavor. As the saying goes, from little acorns, big oak trees do grow. Now, my office is even more of a mess than it ever was; books strewed across the floor and paper scattered everywhere. As for organization (that's a laugh), I am still scrambling about, looking for bits of paper containing pertinent information needed for one project or another. Oh well, in chaos I do thrive. Once completed, I was fully prepared for my URL to sit in a little corner on the worldwide web; visited by the odd surfer now and again. While still not complete, little did I know the site would be so well received.

The Title

The Agnostic Witch, with its contradicting semantics, describes more than just the site's content but also who I am, —a paradox. Can two opposing views exist at the same time? I think it can. Agnosticism keeps all the possibilities and probabilities within the discussion; it closes no doors. The term 'Witch' encompasses all the nuances of its many meanings both heretical and metaphysical. However for me, it also epitomizes something more… the ability to think outside the box, to push the boundaries of the accepted norm.

and Life

We are born and we die. These are certainties. Everything else between is of our own making… so make it good.